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AIM 1250 Sample Preparation & Viscous Liquid Systems


The AIM1250 Sample Preparation System   (SPS) is a stand-alone routine workstation designed to provide customers with a low cost, fully programmable, computer controlled liquid handling station. It is a dilution/dispensing system that automates a variety of liquid handling tasks in the laboratory.





·        Dilution ratios up to 1:100

·        Prepare serial dilution of a concentrated stock solution of a chemical standard.


·        Add a known volume of standard solution to the sample, before or after dilution.


·        Add reagent from either the standards rack, the remote reservoir or the wash reservoir.


·        AIM1250 SPS can accommodate a wide range of rack types, including custom designs, and automatically transfer samples to analyzer compatible containers.



The AIM 1250 Viscous Liquid System (VLS) option has been developed for customers who have a requirement to dilute high viscosity fluids for subsequent analysis, e.g. wear metals in used oils. The AIM1250 VLS will dilute up to 180 samples with a viscosity range up to 680 cts at 40degC.

The samples are placed into racks and wiper mats are clamped on top. The mats help in the removal of excess oil from the outside of the probe. In most cases, diluted samples can be transferred directly to analytical equipment (e.g. ICP, AAS) without further handling. The AIM1250 VLS automates the tedious process of cleaning the sample probe each time a sample is diluted to ensure carry over is minimized. No need for large reserves of disposable pipette tips.