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Digital Colony Counter SC6

Automatic colony counter EC2


Digital Colony Counter SC6


Digital display             3 digit, 999 maximum count
Dish size                      Up to 110mm
Magnification              x 17
Dimensions (wxdxh)     310 x 300 x 140mm
Net weight                   1.5kg
Electrical supply          120V, 60Hz, 70W

Cat. No.



SC6 Digital Colony Counter


1.7 Magnifier


Wolffhuegel graticules (10)

• Pressure sensitive count system
• Can be used with any probe or felt tip pen
• Digital readout from 0 - 999
• Audible confirmation of each count
• Choice of light or dark background

Designed for rapid and accurate counting of bacterial and mould colonies.

The Stuart colony counter is easy to use. Simply place the Petri-dish on the electronic pressure pad and touch the dish with a felt tip pen to mark each colony in turn.  Touch pressure causes a count to be registered on the digital display and an audible tone confirms each count made. Marking the dish with a felt tip pen avoids missing colonies or double counting, although any suitable implement may be used to apply pressure to the dish. The sensitivity of the electronic pressure pad is adjustable to suit the user.

Optimum viewing of colonies is aided by peripheral, glarefree illumination. There is also a black background facility for difficult translucent cultures. An integral magnifying glass provides for easier counting of small colonies.


Easi-Grid™ Simple, Gridding Unit for Molecular Biology

The essential tool for efficient master plate making, the EASI-GRID™ comprises a lightweight and durable case containing nine of the most popular templates for molecular biology, genetics and microbiology applications, plus a blank sheet for your own customized grid pattern. This unique product has been designed to hold any make of 90mm & 100mm diameter Petri dish firmly in its place above your chosen grid thus ensuring correct alignment of subsequent clones made from the master plate.

EASI-GRID™ is supplied complete with grid booklet and locking band.


Cat. No.









EASI-GRID (Yellow)


EASI-GRID Stand (for up to 4 EASI-GRIDS)


Spare EASI-GRID grid booklet


Spare EASI-GRID locking band


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Automatic colony counter EC2





The EasyCount2 is a compact automatic colony counter with a high-resolution colour digital camera with unique LED transmitted and incident lighting.

Main functions
- Recall of a configuration of counting
- Recall of recorded results
- On-screen calibration
- Selection counting standard or spiral plates techniques

Counting with or without recording of results
Identification of Petri dishes via keyboard and/or bar codes. Recording of results and all measured parameters, fast and easy access to results. Printer output. Results reports can be printed and are available for data processing (spreadsheet or LIMS)
The fully automatic model requires less than one second per plate, standardizes the counting and lets you save up to 90% laboratory time!


Excellent precision and reproducibility. Suppression of the variations due to visual tiredness and various size of colonies (coliforms).

The ideal compromise in performance versus price.



The software includes an ergonomically designed interface, live full colour imaging of plates, image zoom and planning, camera exposure control, image capture, plate ID entry, automatic calculation of count per ml and time date reporting for each plate



For 55 or 90 mm plates
Automatic counting of colonies from 0.15mm
Adjustable colony size
For total count, coliforms or staphylococcus
Two counting modes: semi-automatic via mouse click or fully automatic
Capacity: about 600 plates per hour
Adjustable size of the counting area
Automatic calibration
Direct results in CFU/ml
W x D x H:  400 x 400 x 400 mm
Weight:        10 kg
Power:        115/230 V – 50/60 Hz 0.4 A 5 without PC )
Ordering information
AESEM 1011 EC2 colony counter
EC2 is delivered without computer and can be plugged to standard PC via USB slot

The system requires PC with 2 spares USB ports, windows 98, ME, XP or 2000


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