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Ordering information

AESAP1055 Dilumat 3mk2
supplied with tubing set and bag holder


AESDI0042 Epson LX300 printer
AESDI002A Megatron Star printer (small-sized unit)
AESDI0040 Second pump unit
AESDI000 Beaker holder

Dilumat 3 mk2
The Dilumat 3 mk2 is a gravimetric diluter for the standardised dilution of solid or liquid samples, delivering the best combination of accuracy and simplicity of use at a moderate cost. Dilumat 3 mk2 meets the requirements of ISO 6887-1 standards.


Features: Automatic calibration, user friendly, microprocessor controlled, optional bar code printer, splash-proof design easy to clean, second pump option, automatic stop when diluent is run out
Technical specifications
Dilution time 20 s for 225 ml
Dilution factor ½ to 1/50
Accuracy better than 0.1 g of sample weight
0.5 % of total weight up to 1500 g
Minimum sample weight 3 g  (can be extended)
Maximum weight allowed 1500 g
Automatic tare from 0 to 1000 g
Printer output: RS232, edition of date, time, operator, sample weight, total weight, dilution factor.
Operating temperature 5 to 0 °C
Power 115/230 V - 50/60 Hz ± 10 %
Weight: 11 kg


AESDI0041 Complete tubing set
AES400/50G Irradiated bags, 2500 pcs
AES400P/25 Irradiated filter bags, 1500 pcs
DCPBF225B Bag closing clip, 50 pcs
AESPP2A1 Sterile straw 1 ml, 1000 pcs
AESDI00042C Adhesive labels for Star printer, 5 rolls

AESAP0679 Altuglass holder for 10 bags
AESAP0679 Altuglass holder for 1 bag
SCO8101100 Socorex pipette 1.1 ml
AESAP1008 Sterilisation kit with 1.5 l flask
AESAP1025 Sterilisation kit with 2l flask







      Dilumat® 4 The ultimate diluter


Features: 3 operations at once (weighing, dilution, storing), 20 programmes featuring full customisation and parameter settings options, compliant to NF EN ISO 6887-1 and COFRAC specifications, alphanumerically-printed operation report, PC piloting and traceability software optional, self-regulating automatic calibration system, automatic barcode reader identification system: sample, diluting agent and operator (optional), automatic, convenient articulated arm (particularly useful for laminar flow bench), easy-loading, ultra-fast, peristaltic pump, automatic pump selection, LABMASTER compatible

Ordering information

ABSAP1056 Dilumat® 4, gravimetric weight analysis diluter complete with pipe set & bag holder


Technical specifications
Dilution time for 250g + 0.5%: 15 seconds
(complete weighing, dilution and storing)
Dilution factor: 1/2 to 1/50
Sample weighing accuracy to within 0.1 g
Dilution accuracy 0.5% to 1% (depends on initial weight)
Programmable accuracy tolerance (margin)
Min. sample weight: 1g


Max. weight: 1500 g

Automatic calibration
Self-regulated weighing
Self-regulated dilution
Automatic tare
Operating temperature: 5 to 40 ° C
Power: 110-240V - 50/60 Hz + 10%
L x D x H: 500 x 500 x 500 mm
Weight: 12 kg


Dilumat® Turbo


Improve the performance of your Dilumat® 4 with this « turbo kit »


Weighing and dilution of  25 g sample (1 :10 = 225 ml) in 8 seconds !







Dilumat® 4x4

 Up to 4 diluents simultaneously!


 Four independent pumps to work with up to 4 diluents at the same time.

For example:


- Buffered Peptone Water

- Fraser ½

- Trypone Salt

- Ringer



AESDL0042A Star printer (labels)
AESDL0106 Integrated barcode reader
AESDL0111 External barcode reader
AESDL0108 Complete kit - second pump
AESDL10045 Blender bowl support tray
AESDL10098 125 mm height base
AESDL10099 70 mm height base
AESDL10002 80ml bag attachment (support)
AESDL10107 Labmaster connection network card
AESDL0037 Set of supply (feed) pipes (Pipe set)
AESD400/50G Sterile, irradiated bags, 50 x 50 items
AES400P/25G Sterile lateral filtering irradiated bags, 60 x 25 items
AESD100042C Star printer adhesive labels
AESD100042B 114 mm-wide print-out paper
Automatic 3 to 19-litre output diluting agent preparation apparatus (ideal for buffered peptone water, 1 / 2 Fraser, tryptone salt...) available on request.


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