K11201 / K11500 Reid Vapor Pressure Cylinders


Test Method
Vapor pressure is a critical factor in the handling and performance of liquid petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products. The vapor pressure of automotive gasolines is subject to governmental regulation for pollution control purposes.

Features and Benefits
• Conforms to ASTM D323, D1267 and related specifications

• One-opening and two-opening types


K11201 / K11500 Reid Vapor Pressure Cylinders
Polished stainless steel test cylinders for vapor pressure tests of liquid petroleum products, volatile crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Consists of upper chamber and lower chamber in required 4:1 volume ratio. O-ring gaskets provide tight seal between chambers and at gauge coupling. One-opening type is for gasoline and other products having a Reid Vapor Pressure below 26psi (180kPa). Two-opening type is for liquid products having a Reid Vapor Pressure above 26psi (ASTM D323) and for LPG (ASTM D1267). Lower chamber of two-opening apparatus includes straight-through ball valve and 1/4" needle valve. For LPG testing, order two-opening type apparatus and accessory bleeder valve assembly.

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D323, D1267; GPA 2140; IP 69, 161; ISO 3007, 4256; DIN 51616, 51754; FTM 791-1201

Hydrostatic Test (two-opening type): Withstands 1000psi (6894kPa) gauge hydrostatic pressure per ASTM D1267 specifications

Included Accessories
Threaded 1/4" Gauge Coupling
O-ring Seals (2)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs (3.2kg)

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Product Description


Reid Vapor Pressure Cylinder, One-Opening Type


Reid Vapor Pressure Cylinder, Two-Opening Type




Product Description


Bleeder Valve Assembly for LPG tests for K11201 test cylinder