K13500 Automated Colorimeter


Features and Benefits
• Automatic cuvette recognition and measurement

• Utilizes a barcode reader for easy sample and user identification

• Conforms to ASTM D156, D1500, and related specifications

• Spectral range for color measurement: 340-900nm

• Versatile and readily tailored to various applications

• Capable of measuring up to 15 color ranges

• Additional feature allows measurements of solid, transparent samples


K13500 Automated Colorimeter
Provides photometric color measurements required for purity and quality control testing that are objective, accurate, and consistent over a wide variety of samples. The new LockIN- technology now allows a spectrophotometric measurement with an open cuvette compartement and independent from foreign light influences. Microprocessor-based unit features a modern optical system with reference beam path (RST-technology) and measures samples in comparison to 15 possible color ranges. The colorimeter is custom configured to user specifications, and easily perform single measurement, multi-measurement, color difference, and color strength tests. The optional barcode reader provides for easy sample and user identification. Tests take less than one minute to complete, and results can be either displayed on LCD screen or sent to an external printer.

Color Ranges
• Saybolt Color (ASTM D156, ISO 2049, NF M 07-003)
• Mineral Oil Color (ASTM D1500, NF M 60-104)
• Iodine Color
• Hazen Color (APHA Color, Pt/Co Color)
• Gardner Color
• Lovibond®
• European Pharmacopoeia
• US Pharmacopeia scale (USP 21)
• Klett Color
• Hess-Ives Color
• Yellowness Index
• CIE-L*, a*, b* Values
• CIE-L*, a*, b* Difference
• Hunter Lab Values
• Chromaticity Coordinates
• Tristimulus Values

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D156, D1209, D1500, D1544, D5386, D6045; ISO 4630, 6271; DIN 5033, 6162, 6174; EN 1557; AOCS Cc 13e; Ph EUR; USP 21; NF M 07-003; NF T 60-104

Viewing Geometry: 0°/180° (transmission)

Reproducibility: ±0.2% T (referenced to distilled water)

Display: backlit graphical LCD display

Reference Standard: distilled water

Data Output: RS232 port (LIMS ready), serial printer port, and 3.5" floppy disk

Spectral Range:
Monochromator: optical concave grating
Receiver: two Si photodiode cells
Color Measurement: 380-720nm in steps of 10nm,
X, Y, Z illuminant C and standard observer 2° (DIN 5033)
Photometer: 340-900nm in steps of 1nm
Light Source: halogen lamp 12V/20W

Electrical Requirements
115-240V 50/60Hz

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Electrical Requirements


Automated Colorimeter

115-240V 50/60Hz


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Windows-based Spectral QC Software for Data Processing


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