K13901 Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester


Test Method
For flash and fire points of all petroleum products, except fuel oils and those having an open cup flash below 79C (175F).

Features and Benefits
• Conforms to ASTM D92 and related specifications

• Simple automation routine for easy operation

• For flash points above 79C (175F)



Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester
The automated Cleveland Open Cup flash point tester accurately determines flash and fire point temperatures of viscous petroleum products including oils and bitumens over an extended temperature range of 79 to 400C (175 to 752F). When examining highly viscous specimens, a preheating time and temperature are set in order to liquefy the sample for testing. The surface skin from bituminous samples can be removed with a skimmer. The flash/fire point tests are simply conducted by mounting the flash cup filled with sample into the test position and selecting a pre-programmed test method or the search mode to determine an approximate flash point. The test results are automatically corrected to standard pressure (101.3 kPa). Equipped with a differential Pt-100 RTD probe, the system is designed to duplicate the response time of a mercury-in-glass thermometer. Multiple sensors continually monitor instrument function, displaying an error message if a problem is detected. The performance of the ionization sensor which detects the flash and fire points is continuously monitored, and the user is notified upon the need of replacement. If a flash is not detected 20C above the expected flash point or at 420C, then the test is automatically aborted for safety.

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D92; IP 36; ISO 2592

Electrical Requirements
115V 50/60Hz, Single Phase
230V 50/60Hz, Single Phase

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
15.3x9x18 (39x23x46)
Net Weight:
17.5 lbs (8kg)

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Electrical Requirements


Standard Range Model

115V 50/60Hz


Standard Range Model

230V 50/60Hz