K83000 Automatic Softening Point Apparatus


Test Method
The sample is cast in shouldered rings and heated at a controlled rate under the weight of a steel ball. The softening point is the temperature at which the bitumen disks soften and sag downward a specified distance.

Features and Benefits

• Conforms to ASTM D36 and related test specifications

• Automatic load ball centering and application system

• Optical detectors for automatic measurement of softening point

• Overtemperature protection circuitry


K83000 Automatic Softening Point Apparatus
The Automatic Softening Point Apparatus features a microprocessor-based controller, an automatic load ball applicator, two optical detectors, and two test positions for measuring the softening point of bitumens, waxes, and other solid to semi-solid products. The instrument maintains program sequences for both water and glycerin bath tests as well as a user-defined program. A low-mass heating device along with the microprocessor-controlled stirring device and Pt-100 sensor maintain the proper bath heating rate as prescribed by the test method. The dual independent optical detection system provides accurate and precise measurement of the softening point for up to two individual samples without operator intervention. The backlit LCD display shows the expected softening point as entered by the operator and the actual bath temperature during the test for both positions. The test results can be exported through the RS-232 interface. For added safety, the integrated safety device interrupts power if an overtemperature situation occurs.

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D36, E28; AASHTO T53; IP 58; ISO 4625; DIN 52011; NF T 66-008; EN 1427, 13179

Included Accessories
Glass Beaker
Ring and Ball Support with Temperature Probe
Test Rings (10)
Load Balls (10)
Ball Application and Centering Guide

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 42 lbs (19kg)
Dimensions: 4.9 Cu. ft.

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Product Description

Electrical Requirements


Automatic Softening Point Apparatus

115V 60Hz


Automatic Softening Point Apparatus

230V 50Hz




Product Description


Shouldered Ring, pack of 10


Load Ball, pack of 10