K87250 VDA9000 Automatic Vacuum Distillation System


Test Method
Crude petroleum and/or heavy hydrocarbon samples are distilled under controlled, reduced pressure conditions to determine their value. The test provides samples for analytical studies, engineering and product quality evaluations as well as an estimate of the yields of fractions of various boiling ranges.

Features and Benefits

• Conforms to ASTM D2892 and D5236 test specifications for True Boiling Point (TBP) and Vacuum Potstill petroleum product distillation test methods

• Windows-based software fully automates data acquisition and analysis

• Vapor and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) leak detection and notification system

• Automatic nitrogen degassing at test conclusion

• RS 232 interface for LIMS connection


VDA9000 Automatic Vacuum Distillation System
The Koehler VDA9000 Automatic Vacuum Distillation System performs automated reduced pressure distillations for the fractionation and collection of crude petroleum products and/or high boiling components according to ASTM D2892 and D5236. The system is fully computer automated, featuring an automatic fraction collector equipped with twelve (12) receivers and a built-in internal balance, a distillate volume optical sensor system used for the simultaneous determination of the fractional weight and collected volume for direct distillation rate control, and a separate volume follower system for discharging the fractions into the final receivers with determination of the fraction volume. Under the TBP mode, the following steps are automatically performed: debutanization, atmospheric distillation, and vacuum distillations at 100, 10, and 2 mm Hg. Under the Potstill mode, two distillations are automatically performed at predesignated pressures programmed by the operator between 0.1 and 10 mm Hg. The final test data including the TBP and/or the Potstill distillation curves in weight % and volume % are printed out at the conclusion of the test.

Included Accessories
distillation flask; upper distillation flask insulation jacket; Pt-100 temperature sensors for distillation head and flask; ASTM-compliant column with silvered high vacuum jacket, reflux divider, and packed with 4mm Propak 316 providing approximately 15 theoretical plates; 2400W high-temperature heating mantle with Pt-100 temperature sensor, electrical lifting platform, and integrated stirrer; tower heating mantle for adiabatic operation; volume follower system for automatic control of the distillation rate (mL/min) and heating rate (C/min) with product discharge and collection system; absolute vacuum detector with stainless steel diaphragm, range 0.01 – 100.0 mm Hg; fraction collector with twenty (20) final receivers and integrated internal balance for measuring the fraction weights; gas trap for the debutanization; cryostat for main condenser, distillate cooler, and volume measuring system with a range of –20 to +60C; vacuum control valve with automatic motor driven throttle valve; 2-stage vacuum pump with final pressure of 0.005 mbar; pressure drop sensor; mobile mounting frame equipped with all electric and mechanic control elements.

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D2892, D5236

Electrical Requirements
400V 50/60Hz, 3 Phase, Neutral, Ground

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
23.5x102.25x138.75 (60x260x350)
Net Weight: 1320 lbs (600kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 2200 lbs (1000kg)
Dimensions: 570 Cu. ft.

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Product Description

Electrical Requirements


VDA9000 Automatic Vacuum Distillation System

400V 50/60Hz, 3 Phase, Neutral, Ground

Please inquire about our custom-designed and other standard models for reduced-pressure distillations, including separate systems for ASTM D2892 or D5236.