K93600 Multispecimen Tester


Features and Benefits
• Conforms to ASTM D2266, D3702, and D4172

• Multiple specimen and test configurations for friction and wear monitoring in one single unit

• Electronically controlled test speed and temperature

• Displacement Transducer for monitoring the amount of wear on a test specimen over time

• Windows 95/98/NT TriboDATA Data Acquisition Software and Card included to record and graph spindle rotation speed, normal load, interface temperature, frictional force, and wear rate parameters in real time

• Custom configurations available


K93600 Multispecimen Tester
The Multispecimen Tester is used to test the friction and wear characteristics of a wide variety of materials such as coatings, lubricants, plastics, metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites under various interface conditions including single, multiple, sliding, and rolling contact as well as point, line, and area contact. The test is performed by mounting a test specimen into the spindle and rotating it against a counter-face test specimen which is held stationary. The spindle rotation speed, normal load, and interface temperature can be adjusted in accordance with published ASTM standards. These operating parameters along with the resultant frictional force can be monitored using TriboDATA, the supplied Windows-based Data Acquisition Software. Specimen holders are designed for standard test configurations; optional custom designed holders for customer specific applications are also available. The test configurations are easily interchanged, allowing for a wide variety of testing applications within a single unit. The standard test configurations are shown in the configurations table.

Configurations Table


Test Configuration

Contact Interface


Test Results

Ball on Flat

sliding point contact

1, 2 or 3 balls on flat counterface specimen

dry or lubricated friction and/or wear testing

Cylinder on Flat

sliding line contact

1 or 2 pins on a flat counterface specimen

dry or lubricated friction and/or wear testing

Four Ball Wear

sliding point contact

1 ball rotating on 3 stationary test balls

wear preventive properties of lubricants as per ASTM D2266, D4172

Thrust Washer

sliding area contact

1 rotating test specimen against fixed steel washer with axial load

wear and/or friction properties of self-lubricated materials in rubbing contact as per ASTM D3702

Slurry Erosion

surface area

2 test pins immersed in a sand slurry

erosion resistance of the test pins in slurry using the weight loss method

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Multispecimen Tester

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