K94400 Emcor Grease Testing Machine


Features and Benefits
• Conforms to ISO 11007 (International), DIN 51802 (Germany), BS 2000 pt 220 / IP 220 (Great Britain), SIS 155130 (Sweden), and NFT 60-135 (France) test standards

• Performs rust preventative tests on lubricating greases

• Performs both standing and dynamic test of lubricating greases and oils

• Special Wash-Out configuration available

• Test medium can be variable, may also use salt water to perform corrosion testing

• Low cost testing – the test bearings are the only components that need to be replaced after each test

• Repeatable test results

Emcor Diagram



Diagram Legend
1 = Ground Plate
2 = Bearing Housings
3 = Shaft (nylon-coated)
4 = Test Bearing
5 = Electric Motor
6 = Electric Clock


K94400 Emcor Tester
The Emcor Tester is used to test the rust preventive properties of greases on a bearing component. As bearings are normally run in environments exposed to humidity and temperature variations, condensation may form on the bearing and may promote the onset of rust. Rust is detrimental to bearing operation and will seriously compromise the longevity of the bearing in time. A good quality grease should be designed to protect the bearing from rust and corrosion even in the presence of water. The Emcor Tester is designed to test this characteristic of the grease.

The test is performed by mounting the test bearings (special machined double row self-aligning ball bearings p/n 1306K / 236725) in the tester and running the test with the bearings partially immersed in water at a speed of approximately 80 rpm in a predermined sequence of running / stopping as follows:

8 hours run
16 hours stop
8 hours run
16 hours stop
8 hours run
108 hours stop
(total = 1 week)

This sequence allows the bearing to be tested in both standing and running modes. A good quality grease should be able to prevent rust even if the bearing is standing still. The test can be run with greases and oils and variations with regards to the test medium are possible. Instead of water, a brine solution may be used and the tester can be tilted slightly to test the corrosion resistant properties of a lubricant as the water flows through the housing thus washing out the lubricant ("wash-out" test option).

The results can be obtained by comparing the rust patterns in the bearing with the provided chart:

Emcor Chart


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Emcor Tester

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