K94500 ROF Grease Testing Machine


Test Method
Measures the ability of a grease to lubricate under various speeds and at various temperatures, by recording the number of running hours before the grease ceases to lubricate and causes the bearings to fail. The maximum operating speed and temperature for any particular grease can be determined.

Features and Benefits

• Evaluates life and temperature performance limits of lubricating greases

• Weibull Analysis Software Package for easy data calculation


K94500 ROF Grease Tester
The ROF Grease Testing Machine determines both the useful life and high temperature performance limits for a lubricating grease in a small, lightly- loaded deep-groove ball bearing test. The test sample is run at different temperatures and speed, and then results can be used directly for calculation of the grease life in actual lubricated-for-life DGBB applications such as in electric motors. To conduct a test, the standard 6204/C3 test bearings with separate shields are prepared and lubricated with a standard quantity of the test grease. Two bearings are properly mounted in each test station for up to five (5) stations and then slowly brought up to the test temperature. Each bearing set is individually temperature-controlled by means of a thermocouple. When the test temperature deviates by 20C from the preset test temperature as a result of bearing failure, the particular station involved will be switched off automatically. The other stations will continue running, and a counter monitors the total number of hours each station has run. From the number of running hours, the median grease life (L50, the time at which 50% of the bearings fail due to inadequate lubrication), grease life (L10, the time at which 10% of the bearings fail), and the Weibull Exponent (the measure of the spread in grease life) using the Weibull Software Package. From the results obtained, a calculation can be made how bearings will behave in practice as well as a relubrication interval. The test bearings 6204/C3 are normal production bearings and are the only component that has to be renewed for each test, keeping the overall cost at a minimum.

Bearing Type: 6204-2Z/C3, normal filling degree
Standard Shaft Speed: 10,000 rpm
Optional Shaft Speeds: 6,000 and 20,000 rpm
Test Temperature: ambient to 170 C
Radial Load: 50N / bearing
Axial Load: 100N / bearing

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
Control Unit: 25.5x17.75x36.5 (65x45x93)
Bearing Testing: 69x35.5x10.5 (175x90x27)
Net Weight: 759 lbs (345kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 935 lbs (425 kg)
Dimensions: 35 Cu. ft.

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Product Description

Electrical Requirements


ROF Grease Tester

400V 50Hz, 3 Phase


ROF Grease Tester

460V 60Hz, 3 Phase