K94700 R2F Grease Testing Machine


Features and Benefits
• Conforms to DIN 51806 test specifications

• Evaluates the mechanical stability properties of lubricating greases

• User variable test conditions provide enhanced system versatility



K94700 R2F Grease Tester
The R2F Grease Testing Machine evaluates grease performance by measuring the wear of the rollers and the cage. In this test, significant wear will only occur as a consequence of the inability of the grease to maintain a lubricant film in the rolling and sliding contact during the full test period. The grease is tested in two run-in bearings under constant radial load of 8340 N at a speed of 1500 rpm for a period of 480 hours (20 days). Over the first 24 hours, no external heat is applied. The test is then continued for a period 19 days, where heat is applied to the bearing housings at a constant temperature between 60 and 160C. The test is stopped automatically if the bearing temperature starts to rise more than 3C above the preset test temperature, due to increased bearing friction.

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
39.3x19.75x39.3 (100x50x100)
Net Weight: 1276 lbs (580kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 1507 lbs (685 kg)
Dimensions: 23 Cu. ft.

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Electrical Requirements


R2F Grease Tester

380V 50Hz, 3 Phase




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