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Blood Tube Rotators

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Blood Tube Rotators SB2 and SB3


                      SB2                                        SB3

• Fully adjustable mixing angle
• Quick & easy loading and removal of tubes
• BioCoteŽ antimicrobial protection

The Stuart rotators give gentle but effective mixing ideal for keeping biological samples, such as blood, in suspension. There are two models to choose from; the fixed speed SB2, or the more advanced SB3, which has variable speed control and a digital timer as standard. There are six types of tube holder



 Model                      SB2                        SB3
 Rotation speed                 20rpm                               2-40
Dimensions (wxdxh)        200 x 270 x 230mm         200 x 270 x 230mm
Net weight                        3.0kg                                3.0kg
Electrical supply              120V, 60Hz, 50W              120V, 60Hz, 50W


Cat. No.



SB2 Blood tube rotator, fixed speed


SB3 Blood tube rotator, variable speed with digital timer*

Accessory tube holders

Cat. No.



SB3/1 Microcentrifuge tube holder. Holds up to 40 x microcentrifuge tubes
from 0.5ml and 1.5ml


SB3/2 Test-tube / Blood tube holder. Holds up to 20 x test-tubes with a diameter from 9mm to 20mm


SB3/3 50ml centrifuge tube holder. Holds up to 12 x 50ml centrifuge tubes


Culture Tube Holder, holds up to 63 x 12mm dia. tubes


Culture Tube Holder, holds up to 63 x 16mm dia. tubes


Culture Tube Holder, holds up to 30 x 26mm dia. tubes

* Please contact us for availability of this model



Roller Mixers

• Rocking & rolling action for complete mixing
• Ideal for mixing blood samples
• Removable rollers to accommodate large bottles
• Designed for continuous operation between 4ēC and 60ēC
• Choice of two sizes, 6 rollers or 9 rollers

   BioCoteŽ antimicrobial protection

The roller mixers provide a gentle, but highly efficient, rocking and rolling action. The rollers rotate at 33 rpm and rise and fall 16 mm.

Recommended for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid/solid suspensions where minimum aeration is required. Both roller mixers are robustly constructed and designed for easy cleaning. Most sizes of tubes, Bijoux, Universals and bottles can be accommodated.

Model                               SRT6                  SRT9
No of rollers                        6                                 9
Speed                                 33rpm                         33rpm
Amplitude                           16mm                         16mm
Roller size                          340 x 30mm               340 x 30mm
Overall dimensions           500x240x110mm       500x360x110mm
Electrical supply                120V, 60Hz, 50W       120V, 60Hz, 50W

Optional, models with digital and timer control are available.








Cat. No.



SRT6 Roller Mixer, 6 Rollers


SRT9 Roller Mixer, 9 Rollers


    Rocker Mixers

Variable speed shakers with large platform are ideal for gentle mixing; both models have a LED display, and speed and time are controlled via an easy-to-use encoder control knob.


 Two models are available: SSL3 and SSL4


 SSL3 3D gyratory shaker

 Shaker has a gentle 3D wave motion, which is ideal for foaming agitation, DNA extractions and staining or de-staining gels. The non-slip mat holds vessels in place, and the tier system increases the working space.

 SSL4 Rocking shaker

 The see-saw motion is ideal for washing and blotting procedures. The non-slip mat holds vessels in place, and the 2 tiers increase the working space.

ˇ Digital setting and display of speed and time

ˇ Can be used at 4 to 40 °C (80% relative humidity, non-condensing), in an incubator or cold room

ˇ Continuous or timer operation: Integral digital timer 1 s to 90 min or from 1 min to 9 h, with automatic switch-off, time remaining is displayed

ˇ Optional, easy to fit, tier system triples the space available for samples

ˇ BioCoteŽ antimicrobial protection

IP Protection Class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 30


Speed range                          10 - 70rpm
Platform angle of tilt               3 - 12ē (manual adjustment for SSL3) or fixed 7 ē (for SSL4)
Platform dimensions               355x355mm
Maximum load                        10kg
Overall dimensions                  360x420x170mm
Power output                           50W



Cat. No.



SSL3 Gyro-Rocker


SSL4 See-saw Rocker



Cat. No.



Rack for platelet agitation (suitable for both models)







Vortex Mixer

For rapid mixing of samples contained in test tubes, small flasks and bottles.

• Variable speed 250 - 2500 rpm
• Ergonomic design with low profile
• Robust die cast base avoids unnecessary movement during use
• Powerful vortex mixing action - ideal for a range of tubes
• Choice of intermittent or continuous operation
• Integral retort rod fixing
• Range of accessory heads available

Speed range                    250 - 2500 rpm
Orbit                                 4.2 mm
Maximum load                 1 Kg
Dimensions (wxdxh)          78x135x215mm
Net weight                        3.2Kg
Electrical                          90 - 240V, 20W

Cat. No.



SA8 Variable Speed, Vortex Mixer


SA8/1 Accessory head kit for microtiter plate & microcentrifuge tubes