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Masterclave 09

Masterclave 19

Masterclave 60


Masterclave 09 Automatic media preparatory ( 9 lts) offers a totally standardized sterilization process, that can be customized to specific needs, for all types of agar and culture solutions.



  • 40 programs for all types of agar and culture solutions
  • Alphanumerical keypad and display
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature regulation
  • Magnetic stirrer PTFE/SS
  • Lightweight, easy to remove inner vessel and easy to clean
  • Altuglass safety cover locks above 80 C
  • GLP compliant
  • Automatic pressure recover at the end of the cycle
  • RS232 digital output




The optional printer allows permanent monitoring of the selected programs and temperature data of the full cycle. Print out of the temperature graph, name of the operator, batch number, cycle, sterilization temperature and time, dispensing temperature, prepared volume.

Technical specifications

Capacity 1 to 9 liters

Memory up to 40 programs may be stored
Sterilization temperature 95 to 125C
Sterilization time 1 to 180 min
Dispensing temperature 25 to 80C
Temperature accuracy 1C
Cover lock > 80C
Stirring speed 40 rpm

RS232 allows PC connection
Power 230 V
10%, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
Heating capacity 3000 W
Dimensions 500 x 435 x 590 mm
Weight 57 kg


Ordering information
AESAP1080 Masterclave 09 Automatic Media Preparator


AESAT2000 Ticket printer kit


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Masterclave 19



Masterclave 19, 19 liter-media-preparator for the standardised preparation of high quality culture media and diluents.


Improve the efficiency if your laboratory and increase its profitability !




Food microbiology Pharmaceutical industries clinical laboratories


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Masterclave 60


Masterclave 60 is a high capacity (60 lts) media preparator able to perform 260 dilutions (225 ml) in one cycle and 3500 plates (17 ml) in one batch!




  • Easy to use and easy cleaning
  • Alphanumeric keyboard and graphic display for cycle follow up
  • 40 customized programs
  • Built on casters for easy transport
  • Water circulation cooling
  • +/- 0.5C temperature accuracy
  • It can be used as high-tech autoclave
  • Large magnetic stirrer
  • PC port connection



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