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Tomprobe, is a small size, easy to calibrate, temperature data logger, ideal for monitoring temperatures during shipments, storage or in difficult to reach places.


Temperature range: -20 to + 85 C
Accuracy: 0.5 C
Housing: stainless steel
Battery life: 10 years
Storing capacity: 2048 readings
Logging interval 1 to 255 min
Programmable start time

Every TOMPROBE is delivered with COFRAC traceable calibration certificate
Ordering information

MD30000 Tomprobe data logger, including:

1 data logger, 1 holding clip
1 connecting interface (serial port)
1 software (Windows95/98)

MD30100 additional Tomprobe
MD30200 adaptation software for Labguard and Tomguard systems

Calibration kit
MD17004 Calibration interface
MD12305T Reference type A probe
MD12305 Calibration of the reference probe through an official laboratory



Reader of alarms
Allows the instantaneous checking of alarms of the TOMPROBE
Starting of a new cycle


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Validation kit



Validation kit, 9-point-calibration kit for incubators, is an easy to use system which stores and monitors measurements and releases the calibration certificate
the calibration certificate.

The 9-point-calibration kit includes a basic LABGUARD system with one sender, one receiver ( no wiring needed!), 9 calibrated probes (-40 to + 80 C 0.15 C), a dedicated software and the protocol.

The system is easily upgradeable in a sophisticated 256 channel-monitoring-system.

Ordering information:
MD12002 9-point-calibration kit

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LABGUARD, is a continuous monitoring and recording system, ideal tool for accreditation and certification. The system can be also adapted to monitor humidity, pressure, CO2, etc.


  • Wireless communication between transmitters and receivers.
  • Upgradeable through different modules that can be adapted to almost every need (up to 256 channels).
  • High accuracy, automatic calibration of every channel with the optional calibration kit; traceable to national standards.
  • Automatic edition of all failures and storage of all data ensuring the highest level of traceability.
  • Alarm monitoring LABGUARD will generate alarms if the parameters move out of pre-defined limits and automatically print out clear, precise event reports at user defined intervals. Remote alarm system with optional modem interface (i.e. mobile telephone, internet).




Ordering information
MD12101 Software TEMPERANET ( monitoring of 256 channels ) Windows 95/98/NT
MD12100 Receiver LABGUARD
MD12202 Sender-Receiver LABGUARD for 16 type A probes
MD12200 Sender 1 to 9 inputs for type A probes
MD12201 Sender 1 to 16 inputs for type A probes
MD13200 Sender 9 inputs for type C probes
MD13402 Sender 1input for type A probe
MD13403 Sender 1input for type C probe
MD12204 Sender 5 inputs for type C probes
MD13404 Sender 1 input for PT100 probe ( MD12301)
MD13405 Sender 1 input for thermocouple probe ( MD12302)
MD13401 Sender 1 input 4/20mA or 0/10 Volts (for humidity, pressure, CO2 sensors)
MD14200 Sender 4 inputs 4/20mA or 0/10 Volts
MD12310 Probe type A precision 0,15C with 5 m cable. Temperature range -40C to + 80C
MD12310H Probe type A precision 0,15C with 5 m cable. Temperature range -40C to + 125C
MD13300 Probe type C precision 0,15C with 5 m cable. Temperature range -80C to + 80C
MD13300H Probe type C precision 0,15C with 5 m cable. Temperature range -80C to + 125C
MD12301 Pt100 probe. Temperature range -200C to +600C
MD12308 Converter 4/20ma
MD12302 Thermocouple probe for temperature up to 1200C
MD12303 Differential pressure sensor. Range 0 - 5000PA (please specify when ordering)
MD12304 Humidity sensor
MD12601 Calibration kit including: 1 reference probe, 1 PC-interface, 1 calibration software
MD2010 Calibration of the reference probe trough an official laboratory
MD12500 Filter bridge
MD12600 Back up battery
MD 12607 Router (connection of different wiring networks)
MD12608 Impedance bridge (connection of several routers)
MD15000 Remote monitoring software (without modem)







LABMASTER, is an user friendly, ready-to-use system for the computerized management of the analysis, bar code identification and total control of analysis.



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