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LCM Oil & Grease SPE Analysis

Method EPA 1664


High quality 47 mm disk extraction manifold, can process three sample simultaneously. Constructed of aluminum, UHMW polyethylene and stainless steel, the LCM manifold is built for durability and convenience -- no fragile glass unions, tubing or reservoirs to break, no individual vacuum manifold bars to purchase.


LCM manifolds are designed to be linked in sequence to provide an increased number of positions. The LCM manifold offers a variety of time-saving features, like the ability to aspirate samples directly from the collection bottle. The oil and grease are extracted, collected and dried in place, all without disassembling the manifold. Due to its vacuum and flow rate valves, the LCM manifold gives you complete control of the extraction process.


The first affordable manifold, designed exclusively for Method 1664, LCM features:


        Integrated 3-way valve system for eluting without disassembly

        Elute directly into your weigh dish - eliminate transfer errors

        Aspirate directly from your sampling bottle - minimal cleanup

        Small footprint takes up minimal space in your hood

        No glassware - no costly breakage

        Unlimited expandability through linking

        Ergonomic design


Also available: Oil & Grease Fiber SPE disks, 47mm

Prefilter, FastFlo, 47 mm, glass

Oil & Grease Standards, 2 mg/ml, 100ml